Document & Contract Management & Review

Template Creation and Management

UE Legal serves to help corporate companies seeking to improve the efficiencies of their service delivery models. From helping companies in specific areas to managing their complete contract lifecycle, UE Legal offers the services of teams of experts who act as extensions of the corporate client’s in-house legal department. This eventually helps to shorten contract lifecycle periods and allow the in-house experts to concentrate on more valuable activities.

UE Legal supports the drafting and management of agreements using standardized intelligent software driven solutions. The contract drafting software is geared to create and maintain standardized international document templates that up the reliability for our corporate clients as well as ensure our continuous improvement in our services.


  • Mobile applications for using templates on the move
  • Facility for creation, maintenance and archiving of templates by intelligent software
  • International standards
  • Flexible costs

Contract Drafting and Revision

The legal experts’ team at UE Legal helps to streamline creation draft copies of legal documents and
contracts/agreements, maintain the integrity of legal precedents, clauses, templates and contracts during their revision. Form contracts are used for appropriate clients. For other clients where a large amount of money is involved, the team is equipped to draft the contract as per client terms with the required legalese.

The team works proactive to minimize legal and business risks that are likely to result from using inconsistent language during drafting of They strive to work closely with the clients to understand issues and policies and get updated on a regular basis for effective revisions of contracts.

Types of Contracts Handled

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Agreements for Software Licensing
  • Office and Equipment Leasing
  • Construction Service Contracts
  • Supply Contracts
  • Vendor Contracts
  • IP Licensing
  • Media, Advertising Agreements
  • Telecom Services Agreements
  • Memorandum of Understanding/Joint
  • Venture Agreements
  • Trade agreements and more


  • Drafting and revision of simple as well as complex contracts
  • Experienced business lawyers in the team with in-depth business knowledge
  • Favorable pricing

Contract Abstraction

UE Legal employs the most scientific techniques to electronically store and retrieve contract documents. The methods are less risky and timely abstraction and management helps the client to stay on with the latest data. Legal documents are abstracted and delivered to the clients in minimum time. Contracts are tagged appropriately to extract fields such as date, name, expiration, etc. The abstract is designed to provide a concise view of salient information. This gives a competitive edge to the client.

Types of Contracts Handled

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Agreements for Software Licensing
  • Office and Equipment Leasing
  • Construction Service Contracts
  • Supply Contracts
  • Vendor Contracts


  • Online contract repositories that allow minimal retrieval time.
  • Legal compliance throughout the contract lifecycle .
  • Predictable and easy to understand even for non lawyers
  • Helps informed decision making
  • Essential details, important clauses and guidelines in the contract are brought to the notice of the client
  • Reduction of Legal Risk
  • Competitive edge
  • Indicates mature Contract Management Process

Contract Review & Analysis

Any contract needs to be read and understood before the concerned parties sign the document. UE Legal’s attorneys are well versed in helping the client understand clearly the terms and obligations of the contract. The uncertainties of the contract are brought out with clarity so that either of the concerned parties can avoid unnecessary obligations and breaching the contract at a later date.Contracts are analyzed by an expert panel of attorneys. This is especially helpful in the context of complex financial contracts. The lawyers at UE Legal are trained to explain the final draft of the contract and the contract review effectively to the client. The legal review of the contract ensures that the best interests of the client are met throughout the contract lifecycle.


  • Review Expertise in Different types of Documents.
  • Illuminate and Avoid Mistakes in a Contract.
  • Evaluate and Incorporate Important Information
  • Safeguard Client Interest
  • Improved Negotiation Influence.

Contract Administration

The complex marketplace of today places more demands from the business teams in view of increased workloads and decreased business budgets. The gamut of contract administration activities provided by the UE Legal team is as follows:

  • Creation and Maintenance of Contract Templates
  • Drafting Contracts.
  • Creation and Maintenance of Contract Clause Libraries
  • Distribution and Approval of the required Documentation.
  • Negotiation of Contracts.
  • Contract Execution.
  • Creation and Maintenance of Contract Repositories.
  • Contract Repository Management that includes generation of alerts for renewals
  • Report Generation.
  • Risk Analysis
  • Analysis of Deviation from Contract Terms
  • Regulatory Compliance

These activities are designed to contribute to increased performance of the business team that places the business in a strategic position in the marketplace.


  • Effective Risk Management
  • Recommendations for Clients’ Process Improvements
  • Freedom from Repetitive Administrative Jobs
  • Close Contract Negotiations With More Speed
  • Stronger Performance
  • Favorable Business Outcomes
  • Increased Efficiency of the Business Team
  • Use of Industry Best Practices
  • Tailored to Suit Client Needs
  • Favorable Pricing