• Document Management

    With an exponential increase in mergers and acquisitions, the business environment has also seen an increase in litigations and investigations of business related issues. UE Legal provides due diligence services to conduct intensive and in-depth investigations of a corporation before a major merger or acquisition. This would mean understanding all the legal obligations that a company has including employment contracts, debts, long-term leases and warranties, potential lawsuits, etc., among others.

    As a part of retrieving all reliable information that is pertinent to a merger or acquisition, UE Legal’s team of experts have put together a documentation management system that allows for systematic gathering of all relevant information.

    UE Legal organizes and maintains repositories of a wide range of documents including:

    • Service Agreements
    • Customer Contracts
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Leases/Warranties
    • Employment Contracts
    • Distribution Agreements
    • Compensation Arrangements
    • Licenses
    • Procurement Contracts

    The critical facts and information that can be gathered in minimum time is relevant to taking informed corporate decisions before the merger or acquisition.


    UE Legal’s Document Management systems are designed:

    • To work for any Industry
    • To support Regulatory Requirements
    • To provide a quick Return on Investment
    • To cater to different types of organizations
    • To adhere to Industry Best Practices
    • To provide long term value for the Merger and Acquisition

Risk Identification Assessment and Management

A comprehensive risk identification, assessment and management exercise is a critical part of any merger and acquisition exercise of a corporate company. UE Legal’s due diligence support is designed to focus on a well-rooted strategy. The strategic legal advice helps clients to maximize benefits that arise out of the merger and acquisition opportunity while simultaneously keeping the risks to a minimum.

The risk assessment procedure and the nature of work to be performed in due diligence is designed according to the nature of the business/company that is involved. The critical analysis of the risks involved is designed to extract out any hidden drawbacks associated with the merger or acquisition under consideration.

The formalized Risk Identification, Assessment and Management systems of UE Legal are intended:

  • To evaluate and test information in an in-depth manner
  • To identify the bigger picture for the purpose of risk evaluation
  • To audit procedures against actual practices
  • To rely on solid business procedures of the merger or acquisition entity being assessed
  • To assess the level of regulatory compliance of the business under consideration

The UE Legal Risk Assessment and Management team serves to:

  • Review the complete business
  • Identify the most important risks
  • Conduct analysis of credit, market, liquidity, operational, legal and compliance, financial risk, management process risk, etc., for a business to ensure all round assessment of various factors
  • Integrate results of the assessment and analysis with adjuvant modern information systems for comprehensive management
  • Understand current concerns of the management
  • Make suggestions for application of new improved business processes wherever required

 Mergers and Acquisitions Management

Mergers and Acquisitions Management

UE Legal has the expertise to guide individual clients and corporate entities through the complete mergers and acquisitions lifecycle. Starting from formulating a suitable strategy to selecting a suitable partner the integration process is led to completion. With the singular aim of building value  for the client, all the transactional needs are taken care of by the team.

The different phases of the mergers and acquisitions life cycle services are as follows:

  • Strategy for the merger acquisition
    • Recognize possible mergers
    • Design of organizational support and structures to fit in place after the merger/acquisition
  • Screening eligible partners
    • Definition of acquisition criteria
    • Structured procedures for screening targets
    • Creating a group of suitable candidates
  • Due Diligence
    • Identification of value sources to result in successful transactions
    • Assessment of risk and regulation compliance
    • Financial and tax planning
    • Determination of cash flows
  • Execution of Transactions
    • Sound financial, legal and tax advice
  • Integration
    • Early planning for integration to realize full value.
    • Work closely with management, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders to help the two companies function as one.
  • Divestments
    • Divestment transactions such as spin offs, liquidations, and exchanges.
    • Disentangling complicated business units from the parent company.
    • Maintenance of operational excellence.
    • Management of different agendas of the parent company and the buyer.
    • Management of conflicts between announcement of the divestment and its final execution.

Core Legal Services

UE Legal provides high quality legal support, litigation and consultancy services globally with a team of experienced and competent legal professionals. Every legal problem that arises in the day to day business life of a corporate house is well taken care of by UE Legal.

UE Legal’s service fields include:

  • Direct and Indirect Tax Consultancy
  • Handling of assessments, appeals, and enquiry
  • Assessments covering:
    • Income Tax
    • Central Excise
    • Customs
    • Service Tax
    • Value Added Tax
  • Export, Import and Shipping Laws
  • Banking Laws
  • Debt Recovery Laws
  • Company Law for
    • Incorporations
    • Mergers
    • De mergers
    • Acquisitions
  • Labor Laws
  • Financial Institution Laws
  • Laws for Insurance Firms,
  • Laws for Cooperative Societies
  • Laws for Trusts
  • Laws for Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Laws for Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Laws for Trade Mark service
  • Laws for Copyrights and Intellectual Property
  • Cyber Laws
  • BIFR Advisory & Registration Service
  • Real estate legal services


Alternate Dispute Resolution

UE Legal has a team of experts who have vast experience in mediation and arbitration process. ADR is always the first option to be considered for resolving any commercial or contractual dispute and gaining immense popularity as a cost effective and speedy forum to settle disputes.

UE Legal has a team of experts that is available for:

  • Mediation between contesting parties, so as to arrive at an amicable settlement in the best interest of both the contestants.
  • International and Domestic Arbitration process