Intellectual Property Services

Patent Documentation Services

Intellectual property is a source that can generate an income. It is the name given to property that arises from intellect, imagination and creativity of individuals or groups of individuals that have no tangible form. Examples of intellectual property include:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Service Marks, etc.

The UE Legal team helps in patent documentation of the two general IP categories namely:

  • Copyright
  • Industrial Property

They help the client to draft patent applications and file these applications with the concerned government authorities. The procedure is reasonably complex.

The related services provided by the UE Legal team are:

  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent Validation
  • Patent Translation


  • Access to strong knowledge base
  • Updated on specific rules pertaining to patents
  • Familiarity with rules specific to jurisdictions and across jurisdictions
  • Familiar with regulations relevant to foreign prosecutions
  • Work completion according to clients’ deadlines
  • IP Trademark and Patent translation in many languages
  • Working closely and obtaining the invention disclosure from the client
  • Familiarity with comparative laws during filing the patent application
  • Competitive fee structures for customers
  • Drafting responses to office actions with reference to the patent application
  • Familiarity with filing different types of patents
  • Patent claim drafting
  • Knowledge of different claim formats

Patent Research

UE legal conducts patent research to obtain necessary information about patents in an efficient manner. In additions to the objectives of noting, debating and discussing new developments pertaining to patent information, the team also formulates suggestions and proposals to be communicated to third parties in the field of IP. The team is also equipped to handle currently emerging problems in the field of intellectual property.
UE Legal also conducts patent searches across a number of fields for inventors in different fields: medical, chemical, biotechnology, etc., to name a few. The ones who conduct patent searches hold advanced technical degrees and many of them have had patent examiner careers.

The UE Legal team specializes in the following areas of technology:

  • Consumer Products
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Software
  • Medical
  • Genetic, etc.

The different types of searches conducted are:

  • Validity Search
  • Infringement Search
  • Customized patent Search
  • Hourly Patent Search
  • Accelerated/Rush Search, etc., among others.

The different types of searches are priced differently.


  • Professional Support
  • Expert Patent Lawyers
  • In-depth Patent Analysis
  • User access to sensitive data under high security
  • On-time delivery
  • Document Delivery on Paper/Online/Email Attachment
  • Informed advice to clients


IP Licensing and Transactions

An IP license allows an individual/party to engage in activities that are bounded and therefore do not infringe into another individual/party’s intellectual property. IP related transactions are used for the protection of innovation. Mergers and acquisitions for the purpose of obtaining access rights to intellectual property. Technology exchange, website development, product testing, etc., are part of IP related transactions.
The UE Legal team is made up of a group of lawyers who have an in-depth understanding of the concept of IP. They also have the skills to draft, manage and negotiate complex transactions. Some common transactions that the team manages are:

  • Trademark, Patent, and Copyright licensing
  • Due Diligence and Audits relating to Intellectual property
  • Technology Agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Outsourcing and Research Agreements
  • Technology Development in which many parties are involved

The IP licensing programs of UE Legal are geared towards enhancing the revenue returns based on IP assets. The team is adept at structuring, organizing and implementing Licensing programs worth large amounts of money.


  • High Technical and business acumen
  • Structured Solutions to meet specific objectives of the client
  • Customized agreements for projects of high value
  • Extensive experience spanning different countries and industries
  • Optimization of IP value
  • Counseling programs for day-to-day protection of IP assets
  • Complex long-term license agreements

IP Administration

The paralegals of UE Legal handle all the matters of IP administration including managing the deadlines, dealing with case files and other related jobs that are time consuming as well as complex.
They work closely and correspond with the clients and liaise with the trademark and patent authorities. With extensive experience spanning many man-years our legal team is in a position to handle IP portfolios that are diverse for a large number of clients.

The IP administration services that UE Legal offers are:

  • Submission of applications to trademark and patent authorities
  • Management of all statutory deadlines
  • All administrative jobs in relation to submission, follow-up, and issuance of IP rights to clients
  • Tracking progress of applications after they have been submitted in the background of expenses incurred
  • Preparation of correspondence to colleagues and clients

The experts at UE Legal offer IP administration services across different industries namely:

  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Design
  • Food and Beverages
  • Construction
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Chemistry
  • Genetics
  • Consumer goods, etc.


  • Helps to leverage your brand position
  • Access to advice in all areas of IP
  • Helps to improve client’s competitive advantage
  • Secure revenues through licenses
  • Increase the market value of the company

Trademark and Copyright Registration Services

The UE Legal team caters to all expectations and actual requirements pertaining to trademark and copyright registration services.
The services that the team offers are as follows:

  • Filing of applications for trademarks
  • Trademark search
  • Appeals
  • Copyright registration
  • Application Status
  • Trademark registration online in different countries
  • Support services such as patent drafting and search, among others
  • Trademark infringement issues
  • Trademark opposition issues


  • Access to experienced professionals
  • Secured software solution for efficient IP portfolio management
  • Competitive rates
  • Quick response and shortened process periods
  • International applications can be filed
  • Helps to manage IP portfolios more efficiently
  • Reduction of IP budget
  • Streamline IP administration
  • Reliable and dependent
  • Client -specific solutions
  • Flexible renewal options
  • National and international client base
  • Trademark rights to cover a broad geographic region
  • Expeditious trademark examination process
  • Monitoring service to protect IP investment